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Common Sense Domain Names Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Five great reasons why small businesses should take the leap and invest in their own domain name and web site hosting.

The potential involved with having a domain name / web site is staggering. A Web site gives the consumer a ‘shop front’ that is not only open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but is also situated right on your desktop. Customers can access information on all your products and/or services — no more salesperson trying to explain something they know little about. No more waiting in lines for help, since everyone has access immediately.

But once you decide on putting up a Web site, you need a domain name. We believe that it makes good sense for business owners, politicians and others to invest in your own domain name — rather than hopping on a consumer-based portal like Yahoo.

  1. Your own web site and domain name frees up the business process. Having your own name lets you build personalized e-mail addresses that can be used to streamline customer interactions with your company. For example, will put shoppers in direct contact with the sales section. Similarly, will connect you with your customer service division.

  2. Owning your own domain name adds professional authenticity. As a business, you don’t want your e-mail address or Web site affiliated with other companies brand-name (i.e. Yahoo or AOL). It’s always in your best interest to build your own brand.

  3. Operating your own web site leads to better service. A domain name-based e-mail system streamlines service. Instead of having to put clients on hold because of limited personnel, innumerable e-mails can arrive at once, even when there’s no one in the office. Then you can pick and choose which merit an immediate reply, leaving people who are just browsing until later. First come, first serve becomes obsolete as more profitable customers automatically reach the front of the line.

  4. Getting a Web site and domain name is easy and cost-effective! Utopian Empire Creativeworks will register your domain name for $20 per year (or even less for bulk registrations). Twenty-dollars is definitely a very limited risk compared to opening a store, renting a location and sinking thousands of dollars in overhead costs.

  5. You can own your own internet based business presence through Utopian Empire Creativeworks for under $250.00 per year (includes: domain name registration, setup, hosting). If you are a startup, or are looking for an improved business identity, we can help.

    Click Here: for more information on hosting with Utopian Empire Creativeworks.

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